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College of Pharmacists says corporate pressures are compromising safe and effective care

Ottawa Citizen | March 26, 2024

Pharmacists are angry, frustrated and concerned about their ability to deliver safe and effective patient care as corporate pressures to perform billable services mount, according to the Ontario College of Pharmacists. | Read More >

Medical Matters: Strengthening registration practices at home and across Canada

CPSA | March 14, 2024

CPSA is taking many steps to improve our registration processes and reduce administrative barriers for physicians wanting to practise in Alberta. | Read More >


Plan to bring registered psychiatric nurses to N.L. delayed

CBC News | March 11, 2024

Fall 2023 pilot project was cancelled, but N.L. still has plans to hire the health professionals. | Read More >

TSSA President & CEO Named Among Canada's Top Women in Safety

CNW Group | March 8, 2024

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) is pleased to announce that TSSA President and CEO Bonnie Rose has once again been honoured as one of Canada’s Top Women in Safety by Canadian Occupational Safety (COS) magazine. | Read More >


Counselling therapists to be regulated by College of Alberta Psychologists but questions remain

CBC News | March 7, 2024

Government says answers will come as college works through the process. | Read More >

Alberta counsellors to become regulated under psychologists’ college in proposed changes

Global News | March 1, 2024

The province announced it had worked with members of that profession and the College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP) to regulate and license those mental health workers. | Read More >


Ontario Nurses Urged To Participate In First-Ever Workforce Census

Kingsville Times | February 29, 2024

The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) is asking Ontario’s nurses to participate in a first-of-its-kind census. | Read More >

Province hopes new reinstatement path will make it easier for former Manitoba nurses to return to workforce

CBC News | February 28, 2024

Nurses must have worked in last 5 years, be in good standing with regulatory body. | Read More >


Ontario regulator launches consumer tool to verify financial adviser credentials

The Canadian Press | February 20, 2024

Ontario’s financial services regulator is making it easier for consumers to verify the credentials of financial advisers and financial planners. | Read More >

OSC Alerts Ontario Investors to Unregistered Securities Entities

BNN Breaking | February 20, 2024

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has issued a warning against engaging with unregistered companies and individuals dealing in securities. | Read More >


Quebec doctors to face increased scrutiny for overprescription of anti-anxiety medication

CBC News | February 16, 2024

College of Physicians says it will educate doctors who overprescribe benzos. | Read More >

New accreditation path will get more foreign-trained health-care professionals working in Manitoba: province

CBC News | February 8, 2024

Woman who trained as nurse in Germany, now working at mine, hopeful as minister promises accreditation changes. | Read More >


Quebec's order of nurses shelves university degree requirement for nurses

CBC News | February 4, 2024

The nursing order is putting on hold its plan to use the NCLEX-RN exam. | Read More >

Atlantic Physician Registry earns regulatory modernization award from CFIB

Saltwire | February 2, 2024

Program which makes it easier for doctors to work throughout region wins Golden Scissors Award. | Read More >


The Manulife-Loblaw deal: How it will impact you and other questions, answered

CBC News | January 31, 2024

Group of 260 specialty medications included in the exclusivity deal. | Read More >

Massage Therapist Loses License After Sexual Assault

Pi News | January 29, 2024

A B.C. Okanagan massage therapist accused of sexually assaulting a patient has lost her license and will not be able to reinstate for at least 15 years. | Read More >


Fallsview Casino hit with $70K fine after handing over $80K in chips to 'high risk' player: AGCO

CTV News | January 24, 2024

Ontario’s gambling watchdog has slapped a popular Niagara Falls casino with a fine after it allegedly allowed a “high-risk” player to exchange $80,000 in cash for chips and walk out without gambling. | Read More >

CIRO gets approval under Ontario title protection

WP Canada | January 23, 2024

Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) unveils SRO as fifth credentialing body. | Read More >


Court dismisses Jordan Peterson's request to challenge order he undergo media training

CBC News | January 17, 2024

Psychologist says Ontario college is trying to ‘undermine’ his reputation and remove licence. | Read More >

B.C. regulator says unauthorized midwife operating in Fraser Valley

CBC News | January 16, 2024

The provincial body that regulates nurses and midwives in British Columbia has issued another public alert about someone who is allegedly acting as a birth attendant or midwife without accreditation. | Read More >


Ontario court orders developer to pay nearly $180,000 after selling homes in Richmond Hill without licence

CP24 | December 27, 2023

An Ontario court has ordered a developer to pay nearly $180,000 after illegally selling homes in Richmond Hill. | Read More >

Canada's new dental-care plan could impact nearly 9 million Canadians — are you one of them?

CBC News | December 12, 2023

In its current form, the plan is expected to cost the federal treasury about $4.4 billion per year. | Read More >


Public warned about 4 women suspected of practising unlawful midwifery in B.C.

CBC News | December 11, 2023

College advisories name Madison Desjarlais, Janice Lim Hing, Jacqueline Soule and Annick Meckes. | Read More >

Alberta naturopaths push province for bigger role in primary care, including prescribing drugs

CBC News | December 7, 2023

Health minister meets with president of College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta. | Read More >


Ottawa announces $5.5M for health worker well-being and foreign medical grads

CTV News | December 7, 2023

Ottawa has announced nearly $2 million in new funding to speed up the application process for international medical graduates who want to work in Canada. | Read More >

New licensing process launched to draw international pharmacists to Nova Scotia

Halifax Examiner | December 5, 2023

To help address a provincewide shortage of pharmacists as demand for their services grows, the profession’s regulatory body is making it easier for pharmacists from five countries to practice in Nova Scotia. | Read More >


'It's irresponsible': Dietitians under scrutiny for sponsored posts promoting consumption of sugar

CTV News | November 25, 2023

A trade association and several registered dietitians in Canada have come under scrutiny for promoting the consumption of sugar-containing products using potentially deceptive marketing practices, which experts say raise serious conflict of interest concerns. | Read More >

Global Ozempic shortage plagues Ontario diabetics and pharmacists

CBC News | November 14, 2023

Some patients say thet can’t find supply of drug, causing anxiety. | Read More >


Ontario to ban Canadian work experience requirement in job postings

CBC News | November 9, 2023

‘We’re bashing it down,’ Minister David Piccini says of 1st employment hurdle facing newcomers. | Read More >

Nurses in Alberta push for presumptive coverage for psychological injuries

Canadian Occupational Safety | November 8, 2023

Petition calling for changes tabled in legislative assembly on Tuesday. | Read More >


Alberta government plans to cut down regulation of 'software engineer' title

CBC News | November 6, 2023

Title currently requires license from provincial regulator for professional engineers. | Read More >

Reports of 'tragic outcomes — including death' prompt B.C. advisory about unlawful midwives

CBC News | November 6, 2023

College issued advisory after surge in complaints – 13 in the past 18 months. | Read More >


Becoming accredited as an internationally educated nurse in Canada

CIC News | November 4, 2023

Canada is experiencing a shortage of healthcare professionals. This impacts Canadians and newcomers alike through longer wait times for care that is sometimes not up to a professional standard due to overworked and burned-out staff. | Read More >

Ottawa teacher suspended for 2 days after confining student in locker

CBC News | October 31, 2023

Father calls penalty ‘unbelievable’ and wants teacher transferred. | Read More >


Lawyers barred from practising law in Canada for 3 years after having Manitoba judge followed in 2021

CBC News | October 27, 2023

Judge calls private investigator ‘nothing short of an affront on the administration of justice.’ | Read More >

Ontario plans to expand midwives' prescribing power

CP24 | October 27, 2023

Ontario is planning to expand the list of drugs that midwives can prescribe and administer, including allowing them to prescribe birth control. | Read More >


There's growing opposition to making family doctor training longer

CBC News | October 22, 2023

Medical students among those who say they haven’t been consulted on a plan to add an extra year of schooling. | Read More >

Ontario doctor suspended, his address published after pro-Palestinian social media posts

CBC News | October 20, 2023

Threats surfaced online and in a call to the hospital, prompting police investigation. | Read More >


Health professionals say Houston government's bill could have 'unintended consequences'

CBC News | October 18, 2023

Provincial minister of health says Bill 323 will proceed. | Read More >

B.C. psychiatrist resigns licence after patient complains of abuse during psychedelic therapy study

CBC News | October 16, 2023

Donna Dryer has admitted to conflict of interest and boundary violations in MDMA-assisted therapy study. | Read More >


Nova Scotia company fined $17,500 for use of a professional engineer's seal

Yahoo Finance | October 12, 2023

The Ontario Court of Justice at Kingston fiend a corporation for applying for a facsimile of a professional engineer’s seal to design drawings without knowledge or consent of the professional engineer. | Read More >

B.C. announces new rules to streamline international credential recognition

Global News | October 10, 2023

The B.C. government has announced it is improving credential recognition for internationally-trained professionals in order for them to work in the province. | Read More >


Dalhousie prepares to add a year to family doctor training to meet new national policy

CBC News | September 28, 2023

Province ‘strongly disagrees’ with extending residency from 2. years to 3. | Read More >

Nurse says she won't rest until Indigenous patients 'actually feel safe' seeking health care

CBC News | September 28, 2023

B.C. still faces uphill battle against racism in health care, says Tania Dick. | Read More >


Siksika Nation and Alberta physicians sign agreement to address racism, discrimination

CBC News | September 21, 2023

Signatories are calling the partnership ‘historic.’ | Read More >

As Canada moves toward 3-year training for family doctors, some worry about worsening shortages

CBC News | September 21, 2023

College says physicians need exposure to complex cases; others say it will exacerbate an already short supply. | Read More >


Law Society of Alberta hangs up on the Lawyer Referral Service

Canadian Lawyer | September 19, 2023

Online directory will supplant phone-based system, which LSA says was ‘not meeting expectations.’ | Read More >

Some Quebec nursing students getting licensed out of province to bypass controversial exam

CBC News | September 15, 2023

Students registering in places like B.C., N.S., to take national NCLEX-RN exam instead. | Read More >


Court has no jurisdiction over paramedic registration and licensure appeal: NS Court of Appeal

Canadian Lawyer | September 14, 2023

Court’s appellate jurisdiction limited to professional conduct process.| Read More >

Ontario proposes letting pharmacists prescribe flu meds, give RSV vaccines

CBC News | September 14, 2023

Health ministry seeking pharmacist feedback on draft regulations. | Read More >


Ontario court rules against Jordan Peterson, upholds social media training order

The Globe and Mail | August 23, 2023

An Ontario court has ruled against controversial psychologist Jordan Peterson Wednesday, upholding a regulatory body’s order that he undergo social media training following several complaints about his online statements.| Read More >

UNBC addresses shortage of nurses with accelerated nursing program in Prince George

CBC News | August 22, 2023

The fast-track program, which started in Fort St. John 2 years ago, will be offered in Prince George this fall.  | Read More >


Ontario senior loses $16,500 to bank investigator scam

CTV News | August 15, 2023

An Ontario senior said she lost thousands of dollars earlier this year in a scam where someone pretended to be an employee of her bank.| Read More >

A shortage of these experts in Ontario is resulting in cancelled surgeries, doctors say

Toronto Star | August 4, 2023

More than half of the hospital chiefs of anesthesiology who responded to the survey reported operating room closures within the last six months due to vacancies in their department. | Read More >


A judge ordered her to stop, but this suspended acupuncturist is still taking appointments

CBC News | August 2, 2023

Xiao Hong Liu has a long acupuncture career since 1994, with a master’s degree from Memorial University and a traditional Chinese medicine school diploma. Despite multiple awards, she lacks a license to practice acupuncture. | Read More >

Drinking someone else's milk straight from the jug costs B.C. real estate agent $20,000

CBC News | July 29, 2023

A British Columbia real estate agent has been fined $20,000 after being caught on camera drinking milk straight out of the jug at a home he was showing. | Read More >


Canadians lost more than $16 billion in five years due to fraud, says new report

Toronto Star | July 26, 2023

Roughly one in six Canadians were victims of fraud in the five years leading up to 2019, according to Statistics Canada. | Read More >

Shoppers Drug Mart opens 2 pharmacy care clinics in Ontario

Global News | July 25, 2023

Shoppers Drug Mart said the clinics will offer patients “access to a range of pharmacy healthcare services, including the assessment and treatment of injuries and common ailments such as urinary tract infections and pink eye.” | Read More >


Manitoba inks deal to recruit 150 physicians in battle against doctor shortage

CBC News | July 24, 2023

The Manitoba government has hired a recruitment firm to bring 150 more physicians to the province as it works to address an ongoing shortage of doctors, Health Minister Audrey Gordon says. Read More >

Advertising ‘King’s Counsel’ titles may violate Ontario lawyers’ rules on misleading marketing, experts caution

Waterloo Region Record | July 18, 2023

Ontario lawyers are cautioned against marketing awards that “do not genuinely reflect the performance of the lawyer and the quality of services provided by the lawyer but appear to do so.” | Read More >


Activists relieved but wary to learn B.C. naturopath ending pricey fecal transplants for autism

CBC News | July 11, 2023

A B.C. naturopath who charges families thousands of dollars to give autistic children pills and enemas made from human feces says he is ending that operation, prompting feelings of tentative relief from activists who’ve spent years pushing for him to stop.| Read More >

P.E.I. pharmacies can now prescribe hormonal contraceptives as part of service expansion

CBC News | July 10, 2023

P.E.I. pharmacies have expanded their scope of services and can now offer assessments and prescriptions for hormonal contraception, and treatment for impetigo and shingles| Read More >


Change coming for registered psychiatric nurses who can't work in N.L., says health minister

CBC News | July 10, 2023

Change may be coming for a registered psychiatric nurse from Mount Pearl who can’t work in Newfoundland and Labrador.| Read More >

Whitby woman allegedly acted as a travel agent, defrauded agencies of more than $245K

CP24 | July 10, 2023

The Durham Region Police Service (DRPS) has charged a Whitby woman after she allegedly defrauded several agencies of more than $245,000 by fraudulently selling vacations for more than a decade.| Read More >


Expedited credentialing for internationally-trained nurses coming to several provinces

CTV News | June 28, 2023

The process for nurses who were educated outside of Canada to become licensed to practice in Canada is about to become a lot quicker in many regions of the country — a development that could be a huge boost to an understaffed and overworked health-care system. | Read More >

Securities watchdog opens criminal investigation into mortgage broker who owes investors $226M

CBC News | June 28, 2023

The criminal investigations branch of British Columbia’s securities watchdog wants to hear from investors of disgraced Victoria mortgage broker Greg Martel.| Read More >


As Canada grapples with a doctor shortage, Ottawa announces immigration stream for health workers

CBC News | June 28, 2023

Federal government opens new health-care system in Canada’s economic immigration program. | Read More >

CPA Quebec, Ontario bodies sever ties with national organization

Toronto Star | June 20, 2023

An apparent rift among the organizations representing chartered professional accountants in Canada became public when two provincial groups said they are severing ties with their national counterpart.| Read More >


Read The Registrar magazine

The Registrar magazine | June 19, 2023

The eighth issue of The Registrar magazine, the trade publication of the licensing and professional regulation sector, has been published. | Read More >

Ontario is lacking condo managers and some worry it'll only get worse as more units get built

CBC News | June 4, 2023

Ontario property managers are raising the alarm about the province’s growing condo market, saying there’s not enough of them to handle an expected influx of units.| Read More >


P.E.I. to nix requirement for out-of-province health workers to produce ‘good standing’ letter

SaltWire | May 29, 2023

A bill that will remove a hurdle for recruiting health workers to P.E.I. has passed a key step towards becoming law. Changes to P.E.I.’s Regulated Health Professions Act passed second reading without any opposing votes on May 24. | Read More >

Ontario engineer regulator drops Canadian experience qualification

Toronto Star | May 23, 2023

Internationally trained engineers no longer require Canadian work experience to be licensed in Ontario, the province’s labour minister said Tuesday, calling the move a “game changer.”| Read More >


Nova Scotia nursing college sees influx of applicants after fast-tracking licensing

Global News | May 16, 2023

The Nova Scotia College of Nursing says it is being flooded with applications since it recently began fast-tracking the licensing process for out-of-province and some international nurses.| Read More >

Thousands of foreign-trained nurses can now practise in Canada as provinces change licensing rules

The Globe and Mail | May 10, 2023

Provinces across the country are rapidly licensing thousands of internationally trained nurses after introducing a flurry of regulatory changes designed to make it easier to work in their jurisdictions, as governments try to address pressing staffing shortages afflicting the health care system. | Read More >


Ontario regulator eases restrictions for some foreign-trained doctors to work in Canada

The Globe and Mail | April 4, 2023

Ontario’s physician regulator is making it easier for doctors who were trained in the U.S., Ireland, Australia and Britain to practise medicine in the province.| Read More >

N.S. social workers call out government's plan to offer one free therapy session

CBC News | February 27, 2023

The Nova Scotia government’s offer for a free, one-hour counselling session for residents is not enough, say the province’s college of social workers and the official Opposition.| Read More >


Families whose prepaid funeral money vanished say P.E.I.'s legislation failed them

CBC News | January 11, 2023

A woman who allegedly faked a nursing licence to work at a long-term care home in Gander was sentenced to 2-1/2 years in jail for the death of her four-year-old son in Hamilton, Ont.| Read More >


B.C. doctor and chiropractor both suspended after admitting to sex with patients

CBC News | January 6, 2023

Dr. Norman Keith Lea, a family physician based in Nakusp, had sex with a patient in his medical clinic, inside a room in the Arrow Lakes Hospital and “at other locations around the community,” according to a public notice from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C..| Read More >


N.L. woman who allegedly faked nursing licence was jailed in Ontario over 4-year-old son's death

CBC News | December 22, 2022

A woman who allegedly faked a nursing licence to work at a long-term care home in Gander was sentenced to 2-1/2 years in jail for the death of her four-year-old son in Hamilton, Ont.| Read More >


Illegal social work practitioner criminally charged in Ontario

OCSWSSW | December 2, 2022

The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW) is advising Ontarians of an illegal social work practitioner who now faces criminal charges. Katayoon Masoumi Rad, also known as Kathy Masoumirad, Kathy Mehranian and Kathy M. Rad, has been practising illegally in Woodbridge, Ontario and fraudulently using the name and credentials of a former OCSWSSW registrant to provide social work services.| Read More >


B.C. announces plan to license more internationally trained doctors

CBC News | November 27, 2022

British Columbia announced several new measures to bring more doctors to the province, amid an ongoing shortage of physicians and strained emergency departments.| Read More >


Family physician sentenced to 4-year prison term for largest doctor billing fraud in Alberta history

CBC News | November 18, 2022

An Edmonton family physician has been sentenced to four years in prison for a crime described as the largest billing fraud by a doctor in Alberta history.| Read More >


Ontario nursing college now allowed to temporarily register international nurses

CBC News | October 27, 2022

Ontario’s nursing college can now start allowing internationally educated nurses to practise while they work toward full registration, which the government hopes will mean thousands more nurses in the health system.| Read More >


Alberta to be 1st province to regulate psychedelics for therapy, government says

CBC News | October 5, 2022

Alberta will become the first Canadian jurisdiction to regulate the use of psychedelic drugs for people in therapy, the province announced Wednesday.| Read More >

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